The Very Good Dog

The very good dog slept in a little dog bed outside the toddler’s room all night. In the morning, the dad woke up and peed. The very good dog woke up and trotted to the back door. The dad opened the back door and the very good dog trotted down the steps and into the grass and peed. The very good dog sat on the bottom stair and looked up at the phone lines that hung over the little back yard. The very good dog saw a squirrel scamper across the phone lines. The very good dog barked and ran after the squirrel. The squirrel got distracted by the barking maybe and fell from the phone line. The very good dog ran after the squirrel and cornered it against a concrete wall. The squirrel attempted to scamper up the concrete wall. The very good dog bit the squirrel in the neck. The very good dog shook its head around and snapped the squirrel’s neck. The very good dog rolled around in the squirrel blood and ate a large amount of hot, raw squirrel meat and gnawed on the raw, hot squirrel bones. The dad opened the door and saw the dead squirrel remains and the blood-covered very good dog and said “holy shit.” He shut the door. He thought vaguely about plastic bags, hoses, towels, calling the veterinarian, etc. He thought about love and joy in spite of the never-ending bullshit. He opened the door again and looked at the very good dog covered in blood and said “holy fucking shit” very quietly.

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Zac Smith