Saint Lizard

People are trying to kill me

Good thing I have a reptile brain

Good thing I hatched from an egg

Good thing my tail grows back

Good thing my state appointed

Case worker is back in my life

Walk by me and see how cold I am

Don’t ever test how much I don’t


I’ll never need


I sit alone in my car on lunch


Eat the same leftovers


People are trying to kill me

They’ll pull up, in a shitty sliding-door

Minivan without a license plate

Full of guns

I’ll be on the corner



I’ll beat all the charges

People are trying to kill me

Even if they don’t realize it

I’m from under a heat lamp

But not anymore

You can’t understand

How nothing in this place

Bothers me

a trained professional at hiding

I maybe talk to one other person a day


Sometimes I can’t

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Jon Berger