Terrestrial engineering philosophies are completely inadequate for conceptualization of concrete construction on <<Luna>> where it is desirable for habitation at similar pressurization to <<Terra>>—96526.6 Pa—and with the raw lunar regolith in possession of a mass of 256.295 kg per m3 the optimal envelope must be a thickness of 38.1 m,

lactic, lactic acid, acid of sour whey—saccholactic, saccholactic acid, an emergent knowledge—formic, formic acid, acid of ants—bombic, bombic acid, an emergent knowledge—sebacic, sebacic acid, an emergent knowledge—lithic, lithic acid, urinary calculus—prussic, prussic acid, coloring matter of Prussian blue,

the pathway of smoldering and the leading edge of conflagration diverging and is probing for firefuel behind icy cloakings of tree copse treetrunks, runnels across the forestfloor diggingly with the dedication of prisonerlabor to the development of figurative asterisms emerging from the shifting calligraphy of earthchar—not latticingly matting behind its scorching prison but in a corporeality dependent on the chaos—is the countenance of the daemon leeringly baring the intarsia of dozens of teeth whose swelling roots are bursting osteitic fissures through maxillary alveoli down into the grillage of meandering perpends & proto/paracones in multiple coursings of nonloadbearing dental rubble—irregular polygonal or ellipsoid soldiers bonding up through asymmetrical kingclosers & halfbats & queenclosers & stretchers from decaying rattrap bondage into monk bondage of sailors & rowlocks on upcurving incisal datums through the palladiana of skittering imperfect headers—& the archipelago of its mutant earlobe—brittle from endochondral ossification—is trailing black across sallow lighttable & the right orbital socket in its ear & the left orbital socket to the right of the nasal aperture & the left zygomatic obliterating into a smoky ash terrain where objects are cultivating threedimensionality through the simple mechanism of gradation, the belief that a precise rendering or image of a woman's countenance is coy behind the chaos is a prodromal symptom of dementia praecox,

the sharp loneliness of the tetrahedron—the purest scion of the <<Pyramid>> family—as with most convex solids, a family of orphans—is an inescapable production of the triangularly rigid equilaterality of its genetic isolation manifesting the selfsnuggling of its inextricably adjacent faces—is calling out to you Szilassi for manifestation of this kindred characteristic in a most endearingly singular polyhedron—topologically a torus, a rotation of the circle about an axis, but sharply echoing the tetrahedron—its longing interminable for something other than its shrinkingly selfsame dual,

<<Diminishment of Trapezohedron>> and its special scions heptahedron and chestahedron, <<Gyroelongation of Pyramid>>, <<House „Trapezohedra“>>,

the intersection of prism and pinacoid d1f1 is a vertical linesegment that—through the connection of e2f1—is forming the intersection edge between macrodome and prism whose precise construction is parallel to the linesegment from kdk1 to kdk12—the intersection of planes <<Aaw>> and <<Bra>>—is the construction of a linesegment n2k1 parallel to the b3 axis through the 1/2 node of the positive a2 axis is cutting linesegment a2b3 from the positive terminal of the a2 to the negative terminal of the b3 and b5 axes in kdk12,

Greenville, Kate Town, Kara Town, Kuma Town, Kuaiya, Sapo National Parkland, Kaine, Bonoufla, Kanzra, Zuenoula, Gohitafla, Bodokro, Katiola, Gawi, Comoe National Parkland, Latourgo, Danoa, Bacha, Siriyiri, Kataa, Gbele Game Production Reserve, Walembelle, Kayoro, Po, Kabore Tambi National Parkland, Bado, Ningare, Niamey, Filingue, Sabare, Ingal, Tazirbu, 6th of October City, Cairo, New Cairo City, El Shorouk City, Madinaty, 10th of Ramadan City, Abou Sultan, Neve, Gvulot, Tarabin al Tsana, Giv'ot Bar, Lehavin, Lahav, ad Dhahiriya, Otniel, Yata, Ma'ale Hever, Mitspe Shalem, Madaba, Albaghdadi, Shamiya Jaba, Samarra, Al Biar, Azim Castle, Kalar, Azgleh, Bivand sofla, Kashter, Nezaz, Bolbanabad, Kalkeh, Qamlu, Kameshgaran, Avengan, Serish Abad, Baba Gorgor, Malujeh, Keytu, Khabar Arkhi, Qeynarjeh, Baba Nazar, Gav Savar, Qayesh, Khalaj, Surtajin, Avaj, A'aladar, Morad Beyglou, Chesgin, Sagz Abad, Teppe Zagheh, Buin Zahra, Khownan, Sheykh Hasan, Tankaman, Bakhtiar, Kordan, Talian, Baraghan, Sorhe, Beryanchal, Dorvan, Pol-e Khab, Asara, Kiyasar, Hameh Ja, Hasanakdar, Gajereh, Bataherkala, March, Kalaa, Noj, Takor, Iva, Razan, Kopin, Paran, Galoogah, Ledar, Deraz Kola, Chay Baq, Amreh, Sarket, Soqondin Kola, Sarta, Varmi, Estakhr Posht, Shit, Keva, Gholami, Alaraz, Chaman Savar, Jahan Nama Area of Protection, Chah e Ja, Alestan, Clouds Forest, Khar Turan National Parkland, Daraq, Jajarm, Ark, Khuoshin, Iraj, Sast, Maivan, Seh Gonbad, Faruj, Yam, Tandoureh National Parkland, Gappi, Chapeshlu, Qazqan Darreh, Kirov Kolkhoz, Sakar Chage, Tezeoba, Mary, Leningrad, Zahmet, Batash, Khodzhabulgan, Dashtigaz, Karluk, Chep, Degrez, Khayrabad, Payzava, Adag, Dahanakiik, Parchasoy, Khodzharki, Kangurt, Darak, Baldzhuvon, Childukhtaronsky Nature Refuge, Lahhuty, Ab Band Matkat, Arward, Kawida, Lyakhsh, Muzkulsky Nature Refuge, Verkhniy Muzhkul Nature Refuge, Qiarekezhen, Wudalikexiang, Tuomuwusitangxiang, Yingwusitangxiang, Qia'erbagexiang, Yigai'erqizhen, Kalasaxiang, Andi'erxiang, Qimantagexiang, Wutumeirenxiang, Guolemudezhen, Golmud, Dagelexiang, Xiangridezhen, Xiangjiaxiang, Goulixiang, Xinghai, Tangnaihaixiang, Wangjiaxiang, Herixiang, Maixiuzhen, Duohemaoxiang, Bolaxiang, Lexiuxiang, Wanmaoxiang, Zhuoluoxiang, Lintan, Liushunxiang, Xinchengzhen, Dianixiang, Wangqixiang, Sanchaxiang, Meichuanzhen, Chabuzhen, Hetuoxiang, Shenduxiang, Lvjingzhen, Suolongxiang, Lixian, Changdaozhen, Kuanchuanxiang, Mayanxiang, Yushuxiang, Liandang, Yangdianxiang, Zipozhen, Fengxian, Wenjiansixiang, Yuhuangmiaozhen, Huayangzhen, Yue Bazhen, Lizibaxiang, Shimudizhen, Meizizhen, Tongchewanzhen, Ningshan, Yepingzhen, Zhangpingxiang, Guankouzhen, Lantanxiang, Dashuangxiang, Goubazhen, Dapingxiang, Baoxiazhen, Xigouxiang, Dachuanzhen, Maotaxiang, Wushanzhen, Shihuazhen, Gucheng, Miaotanzhen, Fancheng, Dongjinzhen, Huanglongzhen, Pinglinzhen, Yunyangxiang, Suizhou, Chenxiangzhen Taipingxiang, Caidianxiang, Yongjuahezhen, Baiguozhen, Dahe'anzhen, Beizhingzhen, Tangquanxiang, Siqianzhen, Huangnizhen, Lashuzhen, Shipaizhen, Yanghuzhen, Xianyuzhen, Datanxiang, Xiuning, Huangshan, Jiehouxiang, Shipingxiang, Hangtouzhen, Daciyanzhen, Lanxi, Chisongzhen, Lipuzhen, Zhiyingzhen, Baitazhen, Ningxizhen, Pingtianxiang, Daxizhen, Wenling, Yinxiong Island

portal of sorrow, breaking glass christening, shrine of failure, streaming subconsciousness, karma & death, horizon of plastic caskets, mesmerization of misery, this abyss is holding the mirror, mourning blankness, miscarriage of the soul, obeyers of their own death, releasing from this planet,

fighting is life, the source of clarity, microcosm of spirit, spirit of meaning, ghost mouth scorching, blazing, embittering, the painfulness of ice, burning honey of the pharynx, spiritingly spiriting,

the lunar medium is the most abundant material for such construction applications as protective coverings over inflatable habitats or domestication of lava tubes & masonry from the sinteration of the powdery regolith with the fusion of solar radiation,

cork floors, leather stair nosings, hardwood louvers,

caloric, azotic gas, phlogistication of air or mephitis—hydrogen, ammoniac, volatile alkali—oxygen, nitrous oxide is the base of nitrous gas, nitrous acid is smoking nitrous acid, nitric acid is pale nitrous acid, oxygenation of nitric acid is unknowable—charcoal is a combination unknowable, upon its discovery, it is nominally, according to the principles of nomenclature, azuret of charcoal, charcoal is dissolving in azotic gas and forms carbonation of azotic gas—phosphorous, azuret of phosphorus, unknowable and unnamable—sulphur, azuret of sulphur, unknowable  except that sulphur is dissolving in azotic gas, is forming sulphuration of azotic gas—compound radicals, azote combinations of charcoal and hydrogen and sometimes phosphorus, in the compound oxydable and acidifiable bases and is generally in containment in the radicals of animal acids—metallic substances, such combinations are unknowable, upon their discovery, they are nominally metallic azurets, as azuret of gold, of silver, et cetera—lime, magnesia, barytes, argill, potash, soda, are unknown, upon their discovery, are forming azuret of lime, azurate of magnesia, et cetera,

<<C>> is a <<blackletter „g“>> invariant symmetrical bilinear formation equivalent to <<the „Cartan killing formation“>> within the demesne of a constant multiple,

<<the „Poisson bracket“>>, <<Lie algebra>>, <<the „Poisson bracket“>> of homomorphism, <<the „Hermitian metric“>> over a manifold smoothly, <<the „Hilbert space“>>, <<Dehn surgery>>, <<Heegaard splitting>>, <<the „Kähler polarization“>>, <<the „Chern y Simon functional“>>, <<the „Riemann sphere“>>, <<the „Hessian“>> of a critical pointmark, <<the „Green formations“>>, <<the „Vassiliev invariants“>>, <<the „Kontsevich integral“>>, <<the „Sugawara formations“>>, <<the „Laurent series“>>, <<the „Cartan killing formation“>>, <<the „Chern formation“>>, <<de Rham cohomology>>, <<the „Casimir element“>>, <<the „Verma module“>>, <<the „Laurent expansion“>>, <<the „Clebsch Gordan condition“>>, <<the „Verlinde basis“>>, <<Kirby movements>>, <<the „Hopf linkage“>>, <<Lickorish generators>>, <<canonical sheaf>>, <<Kodaira Spencer cartography>>, <<Taylor expansion>>, <<the „Čech singular cocycler“>>, <<the „Dolbeault representations“>>, <<a „Teichmüller spatiality“>> for canonical isomorphism, <<Albanese cartography>> of <<a „Jacobian torus“>>, <<the „Picard variety“>>, <<Hodge decomposition>>, <<the „Virasoro operator“>>, <<a „Weyl grouping“>>, <<Weierstrass pfunctionality>>, <<the „Fuschian typology“>>, <<a „Hitchin connection“>>, <<the „Cartan subgroup“>>, <<the „Grassman functor“>>, <<the „Tzariski topology“>>,

the caretaker of the theater is hobbling to the metering device for documentation of his presence pointwisely.

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