Excerpt from "Remember Men"

He wanted me to pee in his mouth.

He wanted me to come on his face.

He hated niggers.

He was never going to leave his girlfriend for me.

He wanted me to fuck him up the ass while he wore panties.

He sucked me off in a library parking lot.

He slathered lubricant up my asshole.

He loved my hot oil massages.

He made me come over the phone.

He banged his dick against my ass.

He said, “Suck my dick, nigga.”

He lied face down in the grass wearing nothing but black argyle socks as I watched him get fucked.

He waved me away.

He didn’t want to be watched.

He said after he sucked me off, “Guess I will head to Wal-Mart."

His come tasted sweet.

He was so fucking high, but I fucked him anyway.

His name was Art.

His breath smelled literally like shit.

His dick tasted like after-shave balm.

He was a bowler.

He had black sweaty hair.

He was loud and Puerto Rican.

He was Albino.

He stuck it in my dirty ass.

He said, “I have a dildo we could use.”

He asked if I wanted to go back to his place. It burned when he slathered the KY jelly on my asshole.

He demanded that I take a whiff of his poppers.  

He had salt and pepper pubic hairs.

His dick throbbed out of control.

He tugged at my alligator titclamps.

He wanted me to take off my socks.

He was disappointed when I couldn’t get hard.

He said his girlfriend was insanely jealous.

He was Puerto Rican.

He said, “Shoot that load for me, baby!”

He said he had a dildo we could use.

He had a stack of Men’s Fitness magazines on a shelf of his entertainment center.  

He drank my come when I came.

He said, “Eat my hog hole.”

He was into anything as long as it wasn’t kink.

His ass-stink on my fingers.

He was a sanitation worker who lived in Brooklyn.

He asked me what I was into.

He said he was busy moving his roommate in, which is why we couldn’t get together.

He licked cheese Whiz off my dick.

He told me his co-workers were terribly homophobic.

He wanted to lick me all over.

He wouldn’t stop until blood was drawn.

He shot a huge load.

His partner wouldn’t have sex with him anymore.

He wanted me to video tape him sucking me off.

He took pictures of me jacking off.

He had guys going in and coming out of his motel room all day.

He acted like he didn’t know who I was as he walked out of Dairy Queen.

He fucked me silly that night.

He told me I could come over once his wife left for work.

His son was asleep in the next room.

He was a chubby chaser.

He was a gainer.

He said he was cool with me as long as I didn’t come onto him.

He told Katie that I wanted to give him a blow job.

He said I was weird and creepy.

He reminded me of my ex.

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Shane Allison