Daddy State of Mind

Daddy is a state of mind

You can hate it, but don’t lie

You may think I’m not old enough

But I’m not Chasin’ the same things as you

Your eyes make it hard to tell what you’re looking for

The Right Eye doesn’t know what the Left Eye is doing

Boy, you need some Tender Loving Care

And you won’t find it in Kansas City

You can be a kept man

Your daddy keeping you like the secret he used to keep

Or you can go to Whore Boot Camp

Get every shade of dishonorable discharge

You can be like me, kinky for loving the ungrateful

The daddiest trait of all

I’ve raised enough children today

I’m a Grandfather now––I’ll spoil them

When someone tells you they feel lucky

You’re then in a situation where luck is involved

All good luck eventually becomes bad luck with Time

So you might end up falling in love with loss itself

Death is what a Western Fool runs backwards toward

Remembering a future that never arrives

I’m a Silver Daddy ready to dismount into the Carnival of Ashes

When I pass through, nobody will be able to call me back

Men twice my age have called me daddy

But in truth, I’m nobody’s daddy but my own

I’ve been my own daddy since my daddy left

Each morning when I wake, I think of what I have to do

Does being responsible mean blaming yourself for everything you do?

How do you know which things to blame yourself for?

How do you know what your intentions are?

Other than notice what’s on your mind, what else is there to do?

These are the four questions I ask my daddy (myself) today

And because I’m a good father

A great father with Time

I know to not answer them

When I fall in love with you, I fall in love with you forever

Your favorite person is the person who leaves you alone

I want to call him, but I can’t

I’m his daddy, but I just can’t call him

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